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Frequent hanging while using


I am using the Figma Beta version and while I understand that it is a beta version, may I know if anyone has similar issues of it frequently hanging while using it? Mine it hanged every 5 minutes and I had to restart the app.

When I said hang - I couldn’t scroll nor ‘activate’ anything in the workspace.

Thank you in adv.

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The same problem is occurring to me. All the other apps are working just fine. Figma hangs a lot, for 2-3 minutes at least in both app and web.

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Ah ok so I’m not alone. Just had to make sure it is not a user issue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

what are you guys doing?

im new to this.

oh you guys are not here :frowning:

I am here, just using figma and facing the frequent hanging.

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