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Freeform Guides / Convert Paths to Guides

Two features I use all the time in Illustrator that I really miss in Figma are:

  1. The ability to rotate guides
  2. The ability to convert any arbitrary shape/path to guides

I currently work around this issue by just drawing regular paths in a layer, giving them a thin cyan or magenta stroke, and then locking that layer, but there are some obvious disadvantages to that approach, the main one being that when using the pen tool in a different layer, I can’t snap to the lines/points in my “guide” layer, so I basically need to eyeball the alignment.

Some common use cases for arbitrarily-shaped / rotated guides include iconography and perspective drawing, but it’s quite useful in many other situations as well.

Hi @Danny_McGee, regarding the first point, you can vote for an existing idea here: Ruler options: Flip Axis, Snap to Grid, Recenter Zero


Hey @Danny_McGee these are great ideas, thanks for sharing! For your second point while I couldn’t find any specific examples, this theoretically could be achieved through a plugin.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

regarding the first point, you can vote for an existing idea here

I searched first and still somehow missed this :slight_smile: Thanks!

EDIT: Ah, that request doesn’t actually cover what I meant by rotate, but I was a little ambiguous. What I mean is being able to rotate a guide to arbitrary angles other than 0° and 90°. In Illustrator you can select a guide and use the transform tools to rotate it however you want. Here’s a contrived example, but should hopefully illustrate what I mean and why it’s useful.

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