Free Plan should offer basic Advanced Prototyping and Variables

From a learning / training perspective it would be great if the new variables / prototyping features could be tested in ANY plan. I understand that business-model wise this is something to monetize on - nothing wrong with that.

But how are you supposed to keep up to date with (in this case quite substantial) developments if they are behind a paywall? While we have a higher tier plan in the organisation I am employed in, I want to do my learning / training with my private account (others might not even be allowed to use work accounts for private matters). Anyhow, privatley I have no need for a pro plan since everything professional happens in the org I work for. I can imagine a lot of people are in a similar context?!

A very reduced offer in the free plan could include: 3 variables to set, 2 modes and no nested actions for variables/conditions in prototype. Just the basics to try things out; you can’t create something substantial that way and will upgrade if you need more.

Congrats on dev-mode for letting people trying it out in beta.


Small add-on: even the self-training files provided by Figma are not useable in a free plan. You can read but not try.


I believe Dev Mode should be the same. The developer should at least have access to the previous version of the “Inspect” tab. Forcing a group to buy your product, and using a “lock icon” on dev mode seems a dark pattern to me.


My personal opinion is that a 6-months beta is quite fair. Of course Figma and I’d say also the community benefits from testing and feedback. People who don’t use Figma now + 6 months will of course not be able to try free of cost. I can see how the “old” Inspect Tab could have been a low-level version here, too. Maybe x day trials could help in general?!

I really think that through trying (not just reading about a feature or watching a YT Tutorial) more people actually might develop an interest as they see the possibilities.

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