Frames & auto-layout hijack container shapes, making it impossible to go back without rebuilding the container

Say I make a container with a header, photo, and text in it. The container is a white box with rounded corners and a dropshadow. I then group the layers to create a single block.

Then, for whatever reason, I apply “auto-layout” to the group.

Now, my container’s settings have been applied to the frame created when I set “auto-layout.” If I were to turn off auto-layout, I lose my container and have to rebuild again.

This essentially makes frames and auto-layout destructive, which isn’t particularly desirable behavior. It makes me hesitate to use auto-layout, which is a bummer because it’s an absolutely killer tool with so many awesome, practical purposes.

(Note that there’s a chance I’m just not finding the conversations for how to save that container (changing from frame to group and flattening both result in a missing container, still). If that’s the case I’d be very excited to hear a workable solution that I’ve missed.)

Thank you!

Unfortunately looks like you can’t edit a post. I’d like to just summarize by saying it would be great if auto-layout and frames didn’t hijack your container shape settings, making it seemingly impossible to go back once you’ve applied them.

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