Frame size appearing as 'Hug x Hug' instead of 'W x H'

I’m a CPO and this crap cost a lot of nerves for my team. Fix it ASAP and you make millions of developers really happy.

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Yea, thats painfull, please fix it :exploding_head:

This seems like such an easy fix…c’mon Figma! :pray:t2:

As an engineer/developer, I can say that it’s actually quite handy. What I understood from my experience so far, Figma started showing an auto-calculated value (either hug or fill) instead of showing an absolute value (like 400px). So, when you introduce spacing correctly at the wrapper components, you don’t need to worry about wrapper components size anymore.

The developers can even copy the styles directly from Figma and don’t worry about inconsistencies between the design tool and the output.

I love it!

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Any updates or feedback?

+1, showing AL constrains is completely useless information. Although a simple workaround for developers is to have inspector panel open which shows the actual size.