Frame size appearing as 'Hug x Hug' instead of 'W x H'

Not sure if that’s a bug or it’s intentional but after adding auto-layout to a group of objects the size is displayed as Hug x Hug instead of showing the width x height. I think that’s a bit weird and it’s not very helpful, but I wanted to know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Yes ~ I’ve received similar comments: our developers complain that they can’t directly view the numbers of the frame on the design drawing. I don’t know what can help them go back to the past :sob: :sob: :sob:
Thank you for making me feel not alone ~
This is my question How can the viewer see the dimensions of the elements directly on the design rather than the constraints?


Yes, our developers are also asking me for a solution!!! :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:,I have absolutely no idea

Yep, my devs are complaining aswell.

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Yes! Devs hate this.

Yep. Absolutely useless information =(

Im a dev and I used the number written on the right side → inspect → properties Hug(***px)


I’m a developer.
It’s very inconvenient because the function that I used before doesn’t work without any problems.

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[spoiler][quote=“mm11, post:4, topic:21355, full:true”]
Yep, my devs are complaining aswell.


I do not know why this issue is not treated as important.
Figma’s core value of being able to develop designs as they are is being undermined.
Our team is considering changing the design tool if the problem is not solved. Other teams have similar opinions.
Will there be no feedback?

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Normalno sdelayte, pojaluysta!


yeah I’m dev & I just figure out this post lol

As a developer, I can also confirm that I am seeing “Hug x Hug” in the dimensions’ tooltip. On the right side panel (Properties) the real dimensions are though displayed. This is unfortunately a stain on Figma’s usability…

Yup, getting complaints from my dev team too requesting me to find a way to disable that :frowning:
@Figma_Support please do fix this asap


It’s a weird default for sure, but in the HxW toolbar, you can change Hug to (fixed height)(fixed Width)

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Give this man a medal

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My developers are also constantly complaining about hugs; not sure if related.


I’m a dev, and I have no idea what hug is supposed to mean in this context. A colleague mentioned that it might mean Huge, but even though more descriptive, it doesn’t quite help.

The sidebar does show proper measurements, so not all is lost, but it’s weird/annoying.

Same issue. Commenting just to keep the thread alive

How is this not fixed? The information is as usefull as displaying nothing x nothing or apple x banana. Why display it at all then? Noone can use this information.
Considering the fact that it still shows that the elements have padding in the sidebar it was always hug even before hug was a thing…