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Frame ruler origin - Set to center?


Is there any way (plugin or setting) to set the origin (X 0 and Y 0) for the selected frame, as it’s center and not the top left corner?

No, this isn’t possible.

Ugh… I wonder if anyone managed to find a workaround for it…
It really ruins our workflow.

The workaround is to wrap the object in a frame with the center at the necessary coordinates. Also you can rotate objects relative to a point via the Rotate Origin plugin.

Thanks for the plugin tip, I’ll check it out.
How does wrapping help though? it still gives me the top left origin point.

By wrapping the items you want to rotate in a frame, you can independently control where this top left corner is located relative to the items. Just resize the frame while holding Cmd/Ctrl to move the top left corner into the desired position.