Frame or component level theme style swapping

I’m working on adding a new dark theme to an existing component library having trouble trying to figure out the best way to go about this.

I love the new feature for swapping libraries, but because the swap applies to the whole file it makes it difficult to have light and dark theme’d UI screens in the same file… I wish I could apply the style swap at a component or frame level without needing to manually swap each individual color via ‘Selection colors’ section in the right panel. Especially if a single frame has 30 different color styles.

The only other option I can think of that will make it easy for me to swap themes at a component level is if I create light and dark theme’d component libraries, but I’m running into issues with this approach in the case where I might need to update a single variant of a complex component that has a ton of variants and needing to make that update to both theme libraries. Maybe there’s a better way to go about this that I’m not aware? Anyone else come across these cases or have any recommendations for me?


I deeply agree with this question!
I also visited the forum looking for a way to swap only at the frame level.
I hope the Pigma team reads this.

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