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Frame Master - Create a new Frame using another existing Frame as "background"

I want to make a navigable prototype where the user pressing a button displays a dropdown that overlays on top of other elements on my page.

What happens:
Currently, to do this above, I would have to conceptually create a new canvas (Frame B) so that it has exactly the same elements as an existing canvas (Frame A). To then finally add a new element (in this case, a Dropdown over other elements) to this new screen. In practice, I imagine two paths for this, currently:

Option 01 - Or I would copy all the existing elements in Frame A so that they are in the exact same position when pasting in Frame B. And I would add my new elements (in this case the Dropdown that overlays other elements).

Option 02 - I would transform a good part of my Frame A into a component and use this component in my Frame B, and on top of it I would place the new elements (the Dropdown) that overlay the others.

The problem it creates is:
In option 01 when modifying something in my Frame A and I would always have to manually update in frame B.

In option 02, it would become tiresome to have to enter a screen that it completes is a component/organism.

My proposal for solution:

I could select a specific normal frame from my board and tie it to another existing frame, through a feature I call Frame Master.

This way my new frame (Frame B) would have as Frame Master (a kind of fixed and non-editable background) the “Frame A”. And on my Frame B I could create my layouts freely.

So, knowing that if I go back to Frame A (which became Frame Master of another frame) and change something, this new modification will have an instant effect on the fixed background of Frame B.

This is very similar to what InDesign does with master pages.

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