FR: Atomic Library Construction Features

Building and using atomic construction in Figma is fairly painless, but it could be better. Library management tools would be a great idea to better support designers who are playing the role of component construction and management. Invariably, we spend almost as much time naming, organizing, and managing our atomic electrons, atoms, molecules etc. And there are some ease of use niceties for adding variants etc, but the naming, size management like adding the idea of an “electron stage” could be cool. The stage function would set anything you drop into that stage to inherit the taxonomy and sizing rules.

One example is Icons - when you create the symbol, you need to add a transparent rectangle to hold the consistent sizing/spacing also, you need to name it something like “Electron/Icon/[icon-name]”. In the scenario where you support a component stage, those aspects could be globally managed and inherited by all like-types in that component “group”.

I’d love to hear other things that folks think would make atomic library construction and management easier and more fun to use - the idea is, if you believe in something being the future of scaling design, give it the love it needs to make it the best it can be!

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