Formulas from Word Office are no longer displayed

I have been working with a text editor in Word for a long time. Previously, I copied text from the formula builder and it pasted perfectly into Figma. If something was not displayed, then you just had to change the font.
Yesterday I encountered the fact that the text that I copied is simply not displayed, not pasted, it is not visible. The text is not complex type: 3:5, ac=ab.
This problem gives me a headache, I don’t know what to do. Manually prescribing a lot of time and I will not have time to do my job.

  1. Cookies cleaned
  2. Computer restarted
  3. Formulas are copied and pasted, for example, into Google search, which means there is a problem in Figma
  4. Latex plugin used only for complex multi-level formulas
    help me please
    what happened to figma?