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Forced observation mode

I frequently present things to clients and colleagues. Both design comps and strategy presentations. I prefer to share a Figma file for this (usually in prototype/present mode) rather than do a screen share in a video conference app because it lets people see things in a full browser window and without the compression of a screen share.

The problem is I have to explain how to get them into observation mode every time, and if they click or scroll on anything they exit observation mode, often without realizing it. Then I get the “wait, what slide are we on?” question and I need to explain how to follow me again.

What I’d love is a way to force observation mode. This could be an option in the Options dropdown, similar to “Show Figma UI”.

With this enabled (when using this URL) the viewer would always be in observation mode – observing whoever created the URL. After the presentation I could share a separate URL that allowed them to navigate through on their own.

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This feature would be really useful.
There might be a querystring parameter like “?observe-user=user-id”

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In case anyone comes across this post, this plugin seems to do what I’m asking for here: