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For some Google typefaces not all styles are available in Figma


I experienced this issue several times and I wonder what’s the reason:

For some Google typefaces Figma don’t show all the available styles.
For example:
Reem Kufi
In the Google Fonts website there you see the 4 different styles it has. But in Figma the style selection dropdown is disabled.

Any idea why that is?

Thanks for your help.

Maybe you probably have this font installed on the computer so it overrides the google fonts one in Figma?

The font is not installed on my computer.
It seems to be an issue for a handful of fonts only.
I found those two that have several styles but don’t show up in Figma:

  • Reem Kufi
  • Lexend Deca

The workaround is installing those fonts locally.

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