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For licensing, what is the definition of an Editor vs Collaborator?

Q1. Is an “Editor” someone who can create FigJam files, and a “Collaborator” someone who can interact/draw in a session?

Q2. If I purchase a FigJam Professionnal plan, can I create a brainstorming session with let’s say 4 people having a free Starter plan?


FigJam is completely free until 2022. But for the future:

  1. I don’t see any mention of “collaborator” in FigJam pricing Frequently Asked Questions on Pricing — but I would suspect this means anyone: both editors and viewers.

  2. As far as I understand from this article ​​Open sessions: jam with anyone, anywhere — yes, as long as you are on the Pro plan you can create a Session and invite everyone there for free.

Both of these would probably be clarified in pricing when FigJam becomes paid.