Font weight variations option

I can still feel there is a lot of manual work needed when creating typography styles for designing a large Design System.

Example use case:

I have created multiple font size variations from 12px to 64px with regular font weight.

Problem 1:
If I wanted to change the typeface to Inter from Roboto then I need to update every variation which I feel is a lot of manual work.

Problem 2:
If I wanted to use a different type of font weight for the defined sizes above, then I have to recreate every variation with that specific font weight. Just assuming I wanted to use different font-weight variations like bold, semibold, regular and light, etc then it is a too many font styles in the Design System and very difficult to maintain and change in the future.

I can handle it using some plugins like Figma tokens and others but if this is available in Figma as a feature then it’s a huge time saver and easy to maintain.

Totally agree with that!

This will save us 34892745 font styles, i have the same problem and is a painfull detach styles or create more to only change a word or paragraph, @FIGMA we want freedom to modify our variations !!! free the font weight !!! this could save the world


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