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Font Updates Broke Links to Text Styles

I recently started working on a new machine (hello, fancy new M1 MacBook Pro!) and I installed the Figma mac app and installed the Google font that my design system uses. But when I opened my Figma file, I saw a “Fonts Broken” indicator. I went through and while I did have all the fonts I needed, they (and their various weights) must have been named/installed differently than what was in the original files, or something, because I had to manually re-select them and match them up for each existing font. I did that, and things looked back to normal.

But now, I’m looking closer and I see that all my text elements no longer have links to their original text styles which come from a shared library file! Oh no! They each have all the right properties, so they look right, but they’re just local properties, not linked to the text styles I had used everywhere. Ahhh!

How do I fix this? Anyone know of a plugin that will go through all the text objects and look at their props and assign them to use a shared style which has those props? Or something like that?