Font Updates Broke Links to Text Styles

I recently started working on a new machine (hello, fancy new M1 MacBook Pro!) and I installed the Figma mac app and installed the Google font that my design system uses. But when I opened my Figma file, I saw a “Fonts Broken” indicator. I went through and while I did have all the fonts I needed, they (and their various weights) must have been named/installed differently than what was in the original files, or something, because I had to manually re-select them and match them up for each existing font. I did that, and things looked back to normal.

But now, I’m looking closer and I see that all my text elements no longer have links to their original text styles which come from a shared library file! Oh no! They each have all the right properties, so they look right, but they’re just local properties, not linked to the text styles I had used everywhere. Ahhh!

How do I fix this? Anyone know of a plugin that will go through all the text objects and look at their props and assign them to use a shared style which has those props? Or something like that?

Hi Jake,

I experience this too. Any luck in finding a solution? I have a rather big project where all my Text styles are now broken and shown incorrectly. Yikes!

No! No response and no leads. I’m basically just going through and having to fix everything manually and live with broken links to styles after putting tons of work into using them everywhere. :frowning:

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