Font localization Option

Hello, me and my team have been using Figma actively for a few years now and it’s so awesome how many things you could do there!

But there is one thing that that I’m missing and I think it’s pretty essential for a software that is mainly used by designers - a font localization. Illustrator and photoshop have it and it’s really mandatory to have the best design possible. Some fonts can activate the needed localization through a style set, but not every typeface has this option coded into it.

For example we very often need bulgarian cyrillic and we can’t use it in Figma. We know that the typeface has those glyphs because they can be activated in illustrator and photoshop through the language dropdown, but not in Figma. It would be great to enable this and I’m even wondering why it hasn’t been enabled by now after all the awesome updates that have been going on lately.


Replying as I’m facing a similar issue.

Absolute dealbreaker.

You can enable them, at Text → 3-dots → Type Settings → Details → Stylistic Sets

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