Font Installer keeps disabling every use

Please help I use a custom font in this file in my team and I have to re-install Figma agent everytime I reopen the file. I have the custom font downloaded properly on my laptop, but everyday when I first open my file I have to re-install the Figma Agent software to enable my local fonts in Figma. How can I fix this??

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Hi Kelly! Can you share a quick screenshot of what you see on your end? Please also make sure that the other editors aren’t using different versions of the same font. Otherwise, you may see conflicting fonts.

Also, as a note, if you’re using Figma in the browser, make sure you’ve installed the Font Service ( and that it’s running. You can refresh your tab or restart the Figma desktop app or browser to force an update in Figma.

You can find our list of troubleshoot font issues that may help you here:

Same issue here, I have to reinstall the fonts every time whenever I launch Figma