Font family fallback stack

Would Figma ever support something like that? Clearly the team is aware of this but nothing has been done about it.

It’s been incredibly frustrating to do multilingual typesetting in Figma. The limitations of the design tool keeps propagating bad typography decisions and generating bad specifications.

Simply falling back to Noto is not usable. Issues like Unihan forces different font fallback stacks for different languages. Plugins can only do so much before encountering severe performance issues and incompatibilities.

  • Support for a stack of font family names to combine fonts.
  • Variables support for changing font family stacks depending on modes (usually defined based languages and operating systems).
  • Support for OpenType generic feature isolation (ss01-99 & cv01-99) when mixing fonts.

In my case, I have a special use case (typeface specimens on a type foundry website) where a stack of fallback fonts would be incredibly useful, because I need unsupported characters to fall back to a special font that uses .notdef for all Unicode codepoints.

But I concur, a fallback font stack similar to CSS is pretty much essential for multilingual typesetting, too.

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