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Font colour and size improvement and Dark mode option for app

Textsize and colour used (generally for secondary colour and smaller texts) are too hard to read. The grey colour texts is very hard to read without coming close to monitor every time. Addition of dark mode will help on the app alot! Pure white screen is really tiring to look at for hours when I am using Figma.

I will suggest increasing the small text size by 1-2 points and increasing the contrast between background the text colour. Also please have an option to use dark theme (maintaining good text contrasts).

This is the small text example I am talking about, its very small and hard to read without leaning in towards the screen.

Anyone else feels the need of dark mode too?

You can vote to add a dark mode feature to Figma in the existing thread: Figma Dark Theme
For FigJam: Please add dark mode to FigJam!

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