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Font Alignment Renders Differently On New Laptop

I just moved to a new Macbook Pro and started to notice that content objects in all the files I made in my old Macbook Pro renders differently in the new machine.

Whenever I attempt to edit any content objects, the content moves exactly 2 pixels lower as you can see in these two shots comparing the original from the edited version in the new machine.

I’m using the same font (Gordita) and the font style is virtually the same. This is an issue as it will force me to realign all content objects whenever I need to edit them for my newer files.

Any idea what could be causing this and potential solutions I should explore?



Make sure that the fonts with the same version are installed on both laptops (you can see the version in the font information). Also check that the fonts are with the same filename extension, for example OTF.

@tank666 Thanks a lot! That fixed the issue!