Flows not visible when sharing a clickdummy

My work file has 6 flows available. Now when I click on f.e. the third flow which is called “Start LocationCard” and click on “Share prototype” button, the clickdummy of the link ONLY shows the related flow (Start LocationCard), all other flows of this clickdummy are GONE:

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? It’s impossible to work with different departments when the overall clickdummy is not available after sharing it.

Since I’m only allowed to add one media to a post, here is the complete flow list, as it should be after sharing:

One addition, which is also really weird:
When working on the file in Figma I see 6 flows, but once I press “Present” in the Figma app, suddenly I see 7 flows. There seems to be one flow somewhere which I cannot delete!