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Flows missing from preview sidebar

The new flow I’ve created is not appearing in my preview sidebar. I can see both flows in my prototype window [Image 2021-09-20 at 10.27.14] but I can’t see both flows in my preview sidebar [Image 2021-09-20 at 10.27.57].


I’m having the same problem

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I’m having the same issue not only with new pages, but also older prototypes. Now only the first flow will show up in presentation mode.

Yep same issue here :pensive:

I resolved this issue by duplicating the file. The multiple flows show up when I run presentation mode from the duplicate.

All pages in the original file still show only the first flow.

I’m curious whether this works for anyone else.

I am having the same issue

@Michael_Ragland That works for me too but frustrating because there are already comment conversations going on in the original file.

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This worked for me - it’s strange. It’s like certain files created within a certain date just didn’t work in terms of new flows. Old files before this worked, new files work. Must just be a glitch in time. Hopefully it’s just an anomaly.

Same issue here x.x

Same issue, duplicating helped. This was frustrating. Thanks for the tip @Cindy2 ! :heart:

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