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Flow order isn't working

I searched before posting and found How to switch the flow order?

But to my mind it’s not closed because I can’t change the order of the flows !


Have you tried restarting your computer or reloading a tab/app?

Well… yes :slight_smile:
And to try again, I just did it → restart, relaunch Figma and also reload tabs
It doesn’t work!

This is weird. I checked in Figma Beta Desktop App on Windows and it works as expected.

Can you confirm if this only happens in the app and/or in the browser?

I think you need to submit a bug report to support.

Same on chrome
Same on safari

Everything up to date on Monterey

Bug report submitted.

I am having the same exact issue. Its quite frustrating because I need to hand the presentation off for research and cant get the order right. Might need to go back to keynote :frowning_face: .