Flow order isn't working

I searched before posting and found How to switch the flow order?

But to my mind it’s not closed because I can’t change the order of the flows !


Have you tried restarting your computer or reloading a tab/app?

Well… yes :slight_smile:
And to try again, I just did it → restart, relaunch Figma and also reload tabs
It doesn’t work!

This is weird. I checked in Figma Beta Desktop App on Windows and it works as expected.

Can you confirm if this only happens in the app and/or in the browser?

I think you need to submit a bug report to support.

Same on chrome
Same on safari

Everything up to date on Monterey

Bug report submitted.

I have exactly the same problem with my prototype. @Fred_Tinsel did you manage to somehow fix/change it already?

Nope and I noticed that it works in some others files.
I don’t know why… perhaps because of the complexity

I’m running into this issue as well, but only in safari. Chrome works fine. Stakeholder is experiencing it as well when I share the prototype.

Ok Ok Ok…
Perhaps I got something to help :slight_smile:

The file in which I was encountering the trouble was a big one, but in an early stage.
(lot of screen and work in a short time… You know what I mean…)
Having had the time, I cleaned up the file : Artboards ordering, Frame naming, Grouping external information… well I was able to reorder the flow again

Can you give it a try and confirm ?


Well I replied to myself to leave a trace.
It works once :sweat:

My file is now spotless but reordering the flow still doesn’t work

I’m also experiencing this issue in both Safari and Chrome and it’s causing my prototype to not work (it stops at 3 screens but there are 17 screens). Has there been a fix?

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I’m having trouble reordering my flows. It looks like I can drag and drop them into a different order, but the new order doesn’t “stick.” Wondering if it’s a bug. The issue happens in the application as well as in Chrome.

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Example: I’m trying to move “Filter by date” up under “Search by learner” but it just snaps back to the bottom.

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I spoke to a coworker who identified it as an issue that happens when moving a flow from the bottom of the list to any position other than the first. His workaround is to move other flows to last position until he gets the order he wants.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and have workarounds?

I’m experiencing this issue as well. I can’t seem to drag and drop flows to reorder them like I used to. The issue started in the last week.

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