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Floating anchor link with overlays

Is it possible to create floating button CTAs (likely with overlays) that also anchor link you to somewhere else on the page?

Example (view on mobile)

For the button, set “Fix position when scrolling” in the “Constraints” section, and to go to the desired section on click / tap use “Scroll to” in the interaction properties of the prototype.

Thank you! When I try this, the button disappears from the prototype - any reason why that would be?

How could we get this to work in prototype mode with any phone size? For example, if I used the prototype link for user testing and one person has an iPhoneX vs. iPhone 8. How could I ensure the button is always at the bottom of the screen and not in the way of any iOS controls?

What do you mean by “disappears”? When scrolling over your frame, is this button nowhere to be found?

You need to set the correct Constraints, that is, so that the anchor is at the bottom.

You can also send screenshots or a link to the file here, which will quickly solve your problem.

Very likely that’s the case! Here’s the file, getting pretty stuck. Thank you! Figma

Check out the prototype.