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Fixed tab names in Right Panel

Right Panel (Design/Prototype/Inspect) labels are not fixed, so when you scroll down you cannot see if you’re on “Design”, “Prototype”, or “Inspect” tab. Makes me feel lost…
Screen 2021-03-17 at 9.34.03 AM

Left Panel (Layers/Assets) has fixed labels, so when you scroll you can always see if you’re in the “Layers” or “Assets” tab.

Change Right Panel so it has fixed-position tabs like Left Panel

In the Figma Prototyping Tutorial, you had visible tabs (gray lines around them) in the panel interface. Why have these been removed?

Old version (screenshot from above video)

Current version (screenshot from my PC desktop version)

Additionally… this image shows that the whole bar scrolls, including the tabs area (red -dotted- line), whilst the same tabs in the left bar (for instance Layers) stays visible.

Bring tabs back and have internal scrolling
I personally switch a lot between different screens. Active tabs would improve that for me. Maybe even bring back the capitalization of those tabs. You apparently already had them, back in 2018 (when the video was made). Can these be reintroduced?

The right bar now scrolls entirely, so including the tabs (see example, with hidden red -dotted- line. Wouldn’t it be better to have its contents scroll instead? Just like it does in the Layers or Assets, within the left bar? So users won’t have to scroll to the top to switch between the Design, Prototype and Inspect mode.

Side note: When you scroll in the left Layers bar, the bottom line below the fixed ‘tabs’ is removed and the active frame stays fixed. If you re-activate tabs within the Figma interface, you may also need to check how this applies to the left bar, so its dividing lines stay on screen.


Someone merged our topics. Just so you all know. My own reply has the additional comment that if you have tabs, the contents below it should scroll on itself, without the tabs moving, just as the Layers bar does.

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Try ⌥8/⌥9/⌥0 (alt8/9/0 on Windows), you’ll be amazed how symmetrical they are to ⌥1/⌥2/⌥3