Fixed position setting for Interaction behaviour popover


Since recent Figma updates, I found that when making prototype connections the interaction behavior popover now appears under the created link arrow (previously it was attached to the right panel). While this may be convenient in certain cases, I find that the popover often obstructs the design frames which I need to see while creating prototype connection. This forces me to move the popover manually somewhere else to clear the view of my designs for further prototyping. The popover does not “remember” the position I moved it to and when creating another connection I have to move it again. It creates inconvenient tedious additional steps for my workflow. See the video of what I am describing: popover - YouTube

Suggestion: can we please have a setting that would make the popover either to make it stick to the right panel like it was before the latest updates? Or “remember it’s last position”? Would really make this work easier. Again :slightly_smiling_face:

Please upvote if the issue effects your workflow in the same way :pray:

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I totally agree. it is so irritating and delays the speed while working on interaction.
It is more irritating when you have to change the already made interaction but can not see the arrow because it is hidden behind the popover.

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