Fix the ongoing issue with Indian Banks and Credit Cards

We are facing in making payment from our ICICI and HDFC Cards. It probably seems that there are some new RBI Norms which due to which we cannot make the payment using Credit cards. Is there any other way through which we can make payment?

There is no response from Support team of Figma…


Is there anyway in which we can continue using Figma?

Bumping this. It’s not just ICICI or HDFC. Any Indian issued credit card now needs a new kind of standing instruction request for recurring transactions of any kind. My Citibank card, an HDFC Forex card, all have failed. Wrote to Figma for a solution, let’s hope they come through. Had the same problem on my Webflow account for the last year and eventually was able to make a payment using the Forex card.

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Bumping further… all my Indian cards failed too… can @Figma_Support take a look at this

This is the only thing preventing me from getting the professional plan ever since I started using Figma six months ago. I just literally cannot do the payment.


my Fi debit card issued by federal bank worked for me. The other credit/ debit cards don’t seem to work!

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I’m not able to make the payments either. All three credit cards declined the subscription payment citing RBI guidelines for recurring payments.

Any update @Figma_Support ? We are also facing a similar issue…

This issue still persist @Figma_Support. I have raised a ticket. please look into the same.

Still same issues. After adding the card and trying to upgrade the plan, it is asking to try with new card.

Support team, Please solve it asap. You need to integrate the gateway which supports for Indian cards with OTP verification.

Facing same issue. We have tried ICICI, Axis and SBI Cards. For SBI Debit cards, it asks for OTP, and after entering OTP the transaction fails with message “The card entered is not supported for this payment”

@Figma_Support Kindly resolve, our work is halted due to this.

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Hi guys, been trying to upgrade to the professional for sometime and none of my credit or debit cards seem to be working. Does anyone know work around?

Hey guys, I am also enable to do payment from any card

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I need solution ASAP @Figma_Support

@Figma_Support please give you support, I am trying to upgrade to the professional none of my credit or debit cards seem to be working.

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I too can’t seem to pay using any of my cards. Has figma provided anyone a solution to this yet?

Hey @Figma_Support team, I kindly request that you consider providing the option of paying invoices through the Stripe Payment Gateway website instead of only through the embedded payment mode. This is a common practice with other services AWS, Azure, Google etc. for accepting Indian Payments. This would greatly improve the payment experience

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Same. Used 3-4 credit & debit cards - none of them seem to be working. Did anyone hear from @Figma_Support on this? Or any solutions around this?

We have used almost 8 credit cards and 4 debit cards, and none is accepted for payments. It is a shame that @Figma_Support don’t even bother to acknowledge the issue and provide a solution. My work has stopped and it is a direct revenue loss for us.

Standing instructions in the bank as per RBI guidelines for recurring payments are the cause. How do you think I could solve this? What do I tell my bank? Someone please help, ideally @Figma_Support if you are listening.