Fix or lock background


How can I fix or lock the background only, without locking my first layer? It is annoying to scroll down and sees everything move around the screen (the same happens in XD), I mean lock in the horizontal, not vertical (like a web page in a browser).

Thank you.

Hi @ai4k_Websites Could you share some images so we can understand exactly what you need? :slight_smile:

Open figma, load a document. The document moves horizontally and vertically instead of being fixed. You don’t need a picture of the background.

I’m using magic mouse, maybe that’s happening to all laptops with scrolling pads as well.

I want to know how this is possible as well.

I want to know how to fix the document as well.

Hi, I would like to better understand your problem:

What do you mean with background? Is this a separate layer in your frame or the frame itself?

Why do you not want to lock your first layer?

Can you add a screen cap of the unwanted movement?

Thank you!

The design (green square) moves in all directions (I am using a magic mouse, think it is like a trackpad). Can I fix that movement only to vertical movement (blue arrows), so I can only scroll down and up?.

Thank you for you explanation.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this feature exists in Figma. I suppose this is because the program was made to be used in a dynamic way where the screens (or documents if you like) are placed in a grid instead of a list and where the user has to navigate both horizontally and vertically.

I’m not sure how a Magic Mouse works, but when I am using my trackpad I use two fingers to scroll up and down. Surely there is still some tiny movement in the horizontal direction but not in a very distracting way. If it really bothers you, you might consider using a mouse with a scrolling wheel so that you are only moving the screen up and down, or you could try to move your screen using the Hand tool (H) which might give you more control.