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One feature that makes Miro slightly more useful than FigJam is the ability to search/find keywords. Sticky notes can be difficult to dig through if you are looking for something in particular.

Use case: I interview a set of participants. I have 100s of notes. A month later, I’m working on a feature and I remember that one of our users mentioned something that was relevant to my work. How do I got back and find what they said?


I would love to see funtionality around search for FigJam boards. If you have a very large board with a lot of cards for example with text, it is difficult to find a specific text/idea that you may want to read more about.

Agreed! My team and I have already begun using FigJam with our clients to keep all research and design in one place.

But we are quickly running into workflow issues such as this as we begin our Synth process.

Fingers crossed this one comes soon!

  • Find text — is very necessary!
  • Find by mask
  • Find and Replase

Would be amazing if we could search the text on a FigJam board. We’ve been using it for research synthesis and the number of stickies can get overwhelming. Would be great if there is an easy way to search for a specific piece of text within a sticky note or any other text.