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Filter fonts by language

There is huge problem for designers who make their designs in another than english language. I think many of us have more than 200 fonts installed, most of them do not support cyrillic or arabic, etc. fonts. It would be great to have font filtration by language, like it presented on google fonts site.
This feature will make our work easier and save a lot of time.

  1. My design is in Russian and sometimes in other Cyrillic languages. Not all fonts are supported on them. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to find a font. I suggest adding sorting by language, like in Google fonts. In addition, they have a general filter with a font category: serif, sans serif, display, etc. This is very useful and time-saving.

  1. Does anyone have such a problem? When do you work in 2-3 or more languages? Or maybe you know plugins to solve this problem?

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