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Filter comments by page and person

1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

We use comments a lot and as a result, the comments panel gets pretty busy. Having the ability to view comments by page or person would make them easier to manage and read.

Does the innovation in the comments solve your problem?

I’m not sure what you mean by “innovation”. I see the filter options to switch between All / Only Yours / Resolved comments but nothing else.

I meant new functionality.

Now, users can search for a specific keyword or person, or sort comments by date.
Source: Figma blog — Stay in the flow with redesigned comments

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We’ve heavily using figma comment to provide feedback, guideline while development. We have specific comment that are provided by certain colleagues that need to be filtered by name to fetch out the comment. Right now, we are suffering from browsing all comments to find specific comments from certain colleague. That eats time for everyone who is involved in the development.

If possible can we provide a filter by user feature so that we can find target comment?

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