Fill popup shouldn't lock canvas

The fill popup, the little dismissible box that pops up when you want to change an object’s fill parameters, has always seemed clunky to me but I figured eventually someone would improve. It’s been years now and that’s never happened. The main problem I think is that when it’s open, the canvas or document area is locked. This is especially the case when the fill is an image and I’m editing several objects with image fills.

Suggestions for when the popup is open:

  1. Clicks to empty or locked areas of the canvas should close the popup.
  2. Clicks to other objects should select that object, loading the 1st fill type into the popup if present, otherwise close the popup if no fill is present.
  3. Clicks to other objects with a modifier key (maybe Option?) should sample that object’s 1st fill type settings into the selected object’s fill and be shown in the popup.

BIG AGREE. I’m in the process of switching from Adobe XD to Figma and this has been the biggest prickle in my workflow.

I would expect the Fill popup to auto close after clicking out of the popup, anywhere else on the screen.

Following up to this, it looks like the Figma team did something like Option 1.

So fixed! Yay!

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