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Files organization

  1. Can we see how many files in a Project?
  2. Can we filter files by its contributor?
    The feature “Recent contributors” seem to filter recent files the contributor work on, not all files contributed by the contributor.
  3. Can we create group of files?
    Because in a while we have many states of working process: done, in review, need to change, etc, so it’s great if we can make them group
  1. The only way I know is to select all files in the project (cmd/ctrl + A) and Right click or start dragging them.

  2. I don’t think it’s possible. Feel free to create a suggestion for this in #product-feedback

  3. This isn’t possible yet. You can vote for this suggestion: Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files

  1. Select a team to display a list of projects. In this list, you can see how many files are in each project.

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