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File too big to open

I recognize there are multiple discussion topics based on memory usage, but I can’t even open a file because it’s too big presumably. I tried regressing to a previous version and that hasn’t worked yet. A peer was able to open the file during non-peak hours sometime after 17:00 yesterday using the desktop application, but today neither the application nor the browser can allocate enough memory to open the file. Help?

I’m not sure if it was pure luck or coincidence but I had the same case a month ago where the file wasn’t launching on macOS at all but it was launching on Windows (both desktop app). I honestly can’t fathom how technically that would be possible but yeah. It worked for me and won’t hurt to try :slight_smile:

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That is fascinating Corey, because a peer was also able to access the file with a Windows machine using the desktop application and no peer of mine with a macOS machine has been able to via the same application or the browser – I hypothesize there is some constraint macOS is suffering that Windows isn’t :thinking:

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I blame macOS then. Although it’s in a transition phase atm. Full switch to 64 bit, changing intel architecture to m1, swiftUI within macOS etc etc. They’re even ditching in-built PHP and python libraries.

This is rare. We live in an age where Windows is more stable :smiley:

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