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Have the thumbnail tiles for files changed today? All my thumbnails are now a different aspect ratio on the web and desktop client, cropping off information I had displayed on them…

I don’t see anything mentioned in their changelog about these tiles.


It looks like the thumbnail dimensions have updated. Can’t seems to find any changelog from Figma about this.

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We made a template cover for our figma files, but know it seems like they’re cropped.

Have something changed since last week?

Hey @Jordan_Gardiner @Shreyansh_Kotak @sgiroux,

We’re not aware of any recent changes. Are you able to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end?

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@dvaliao here is an example of two, as you can see the text and logo are right up against the left-side of the thumbnail, whereas there used to be a 64px gap. Would love to avoid going through every one of my files and updating the thumbnails.

The thumbnails have been like this for more than a year now. You probably didn’t take the safe zone into consideration:

Same situation here, no more “gap” (look bottom right):

I get what you are saying Gleb, we’ll have to redo all our covers. But we just wanted to point out that something has definitely changed in the past week(s), because it used to be okay even though you say it has been like this for a year.

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right, so there was an update to the UI within the last few weeks where the thumbnails went from showing at 1920px wide to 1600px wide.

I believe the change coincided with the implementation of the ‘New file’ sidebar.

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