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File quality standards and enforcement

My team is pretty inconsistent in terms of delivering well built files, which has ramifications for confusing product owners, and inconsistent development. So I am looking to establish some guidelines and enforcement. I think the new branching feature could be super useful in that process, but curious if anyone else has some tips on how to manage and enforce that process.

Your question is somewhat vague, but typically I’ve found the most confusing aspects around front end layout structure and techniques, mainly because front end devs either aren’t great with it, or the designer doesn’t know. Someone usually lacks the knowledge and others don’t communicate.

You should have processes for depending on what type of project it is, there’s already boundaries and build templates for grid/layout.

I only use 8/4pt based, and my components can be used on either a bootstrap build (columns), or a css grid/flexbox build and anyone who looks at it can figure it out in 10 minutes.

Basic proportionality and vertical/horizontal structure rules (in general) should always be defined, should be easy peasy. For example, if a dev has to guess on something, a 16px gap where at 24 should be, isn’t going to be the end of the world and it retains proportion to the rest of the build until someone corrects it.

Basic written rules around spacing/structure are the most important.

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