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Help. My Figma file is saying it’s out of memory and none of the previous versions load. 6 months work that I now can’t access. I made a back up file a month ago which I can access thankfully but I can’t lose a months worth of work. I’ve tried all the usual tricks i clearing cache and making more memory. I need major help from @Figma_Support Please, begging you for help.

Try restoring a file version from the File Browser:

Thanks for the tip - unfortunately all the previous versions still don’t seem to be loading, they all display the same message.

If You Even Can’t able to Restore the previous versions of All the saved version Then Follow the steps as per i tell
if The screen keeps on showing file out of Memory then

Step : 1
you just open in your mobile and Login the creditial as same you are using in your System, you can only able to view the file Not to Edit,

Step 2:
so you come to your system and go to home page of figma and go to the Project where you were working, and right click on the project and click on Share Option ,

you create new Account in figma and add that Email id in Share option as to only View to to Edit if You add View Then still You will get Same Error.

You will get notification to that added Email ID and, click on open Figma / file from gmail, You will Redirect to the Design Files

step: 5
Once you can view the design then You Just try to Select All Frames and Copy Ctrl + C and Paste In new Page You will Get Back your Design with Edit Option and you can still work On with The Same design pages

Just Follow These Steps Definetely You can Backup all the Desingn Files Back to Work
Because the Same Situtation i had

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