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File out of memory error when making prototype links

I keep getting the “File out of memory” error (see screenshot below) when trying to create prototype links between component variants. I’m on a Mac using the desktop client and this is also happening to one of my other teammates on a Mac. Our teammate on Windows hasn’t gotten this error at all.

I’ll drag out a connection, then upon click release the file will become unresponsive for about 10 or so seconds until I get the error. When I reload the file everything appears to be normal. I should clarify that this seems to be totally random, but when I run into it with a particular component, that component remains a problem until I rebuild it or try to create the connection in some other way, like without dragging. Even without dragging though it’s usually still a problem.

I’m posting this here because it seems like it’s related to the interactive component beta. This hasn’t happened to me ever before, and it’s only when creating links between variants in a variant master group. It also doesn’t come on progressively — no 60% usage warning etc. as described in this help article. I’m no developer, but this behavior seems similar to previous experiences I’ve had when apps have memory leaks.

Ok after a little further experimentation on this it seems like the problem is isolated to making the actual prototype connection. As soon as the connection is made, either by dragging or via the flyout menu, the file crashes. After reloading though, the connection that caused the crash persists and I’m able to edit its properties no problem. In this way I’m able to hobble through making interactions without rebuilding the component. Albeit with many crashes and reloads.

Just reporting back in on this to keep it alive. This issue is still happening pretty frequently for us.

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