File has suddenly been Archived and can't be accessed

Overnight the key file my team and I have been sharing has been archived. I woke up to a very started dev team asking why our file was deleted or where it was moved to.

After a bit of troubleshooting, even I as a contributor (not the creator nor main figma admin) can not find it. I did still have the file open in my app tabs though and it is labeled “archived”. I do not know how to undo this or even how to do it intentionally to other files.

After a bit of troubleshooting, without access to our admin(out of town). I was able to clone the file, but all comments were lost.

Is archiving a new feature that created this strange bug? Is this an admin only feature? Is there anything I can do to restore my original files and comment/version history?

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“Archived” means that the file has been deleted and you can restore it from the “Deleted” tab.
Read more about file restoring here:

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@Becca2 were you working in a branch. I believe only branches are archived.

Any file that is moved to the “Deleted” tab is marked as “Archived”.

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TIL haha thanks @tank666

I just experienced the same problem, very disappointing… I’ve lost an important project completely and it’s not even in deleted.

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