File hand off


I have designs that are created in a way that fit a certain viewport, full HD – each artboard has the same exact size and if the content is higher it’s clipped and has enabled “vertical scrolling” within its frame. The frame also has set fixed width and height, so the scrolling can occur and other elements, e.g., top and bottom navigation, can stay fixed.

It’s done in this way because these designs are also prototyped. I can’t change the approach otherwise the prototype will break – I have pretty complex sections within which are changeable variants, i.e., they can change their height when something is expandable.

So, since I have part of my designs clipped/hidden these can’t be easily inspected by a developer. Is there any convenient way for devs to inspect without me creating another set of unclipped and full-height artboards?

Can devs inspect designs directly from the prototype mode? And can I export previews of the currently previewed design to a file (e.g. png, jpg)?