File freezes when dragging and dropping property in a property list flyout

The experience of rearranging properties in the property list flyout panel is terrible:

  • The panel is very short for no reason with space for only 5 rows despite me having a 4k monitor.
  • The list does not auto-scroll when dragging the item to the top or the bottom of the viewable area.

I am working with an Icon component that has 383 variants. When a new icon variant is added, it goes to the bottom of the list. I want to move it up to a position where it will appear in the correct alphabetical order.

To get around the problem of dragging and dropping in a tiny flyout window with no autoscroll, I grabbed the list item and, while holding the mouse button, used the mouse scroll wheel to scroll the list. However, upon dropping the item in the desired location the UI of the file would freeze: a few seconds when dragging and dropping only a few positions, and over a minute when dragging and dropping several tens of positions.

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