File Control Issue

Hi All
Has anyone here had issues with file control and someone sabotaged other peoples work on a design team. Today I was contacted by the Dev team informing me that one of the prototypes where not working correctly, I checked the file and someone has deliberately deleted links to the prototype, I’m not talking one or to links here, I’m talking the hole file had about 30 links deleted, or changed in some way. Is there a way to find out who has had access to this file other than names, maybe like IP address or location information?

I am not sure if this applies to your case, but moving the frames of the prototype between pages of the same file or to a different file sometimes breaks the links of the prototype -even if moved all together-.

And regarding your question, you might view the version history and any edits would be recorded (you might be unable to view past 30 autosaved version on free plan) and that should be more than enough to check if someone actually edited the prototype as you suspect.

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Thanks for the heads up, I have just done some testing and that was the problem. I did not know about this bug in Figma, what a nightmare.

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