Figure is not rounded up

I created 2 same figures and decided to round up edges of both of them
bigger figure rounded up successfully, the smaller one rounded up only from one side
Please assist
https: // em99xlhPxtY

Try to select the point manually and set the rounded stroke cap for it.

I did, it still doesnt work, although it says there “rounded” screenshot: https: // 22ya0vi

Maybe there are two points stacked on top of each other? Try to move the end point manually and you’ll see if there is another one under it.

I deleted figure, created a straight line - made rounded ends, it worked, then i edited it to change corner radius and it resetted cornered ends again, video https: // kDEqKDn3BbE

Seems like a bug but as a workaround you can flatten the resulting shape (Cmd/Ctrl + E) and the caps should work. This worked for me. Not sure why it’s not working with the corner radius.

I tried replicating the shape and it turned out that Figma rendering endcaps on penshapes seems very unreliable.

I then created the shape from a rectangle instead and the rendering issue went away. See if that works out for you.

Edit: Optional fix: endcaps seem to glitch for some reason because stroke position when drawing is by default set to center. Changing it to inside or outside fixes the rendering.

Thanks! this helped very much

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