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Figma's really bad contrast under Windows (and 1080 monitor) :(


I’ve been using Figma at work for over a year now, and I’m loving every bit of it. I decided to purchase a machine with Windows on it and a Dell 24", 1080p monitor, which turned out alright for the cost, but something was not right: Figma looks AWFUL under those conditions.

Moving from the work’s MacBook Pro to the Windows machine, you really notice the difference in contrast, some text is super unreadable, some icons fall out of the pixel grid which renders them very blurry…etc.


I realize the difference in experience between moving down from a HiDPI display to a 1080, you get what you pay for, but I think the Figma team could work on the interface a bit more and make a difference for the rest of us.

As a test, I just tweaked the title and description of the Plugins results page and the difference is huge in readability.



As you notice, you can maintain the hierarchy of the typography and still read the text just fine, .3 opacity is way too low for some situations. Push back those lines in the grid and the icons would look crispier.

One doesn’t have to suffer for not owning an expensive monitor :slight_smile:

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