Figma's pricing is desperate and scammy

Coercing payment for non-features

“you only get 3 pages and then you have to pay a monthly subscription” is not really a premium feature, it’s price-gouging that artificially holds back the product - at additional cost to the company, as Figma spends engineering hours on a feature that coerces users into paying a monthly subscription fee for a non-feature, rather than spending that time improving the product, for example:

  • Resizing an artboard with svgs makes them move up/down the Y-axis
  • Images that you deleted randomly reappear when you re-open Figma
  • Seems impossible to click on deeply nested text
  • Can’t apply different stroke to text in the same block, but can apply different fill
  • Copy/paste behavior very spotty, doesn’t work at all on iPad
  • Lacks many of the distort/warp tools available in most design software
  • Lacks many of the vector tools available in most design software
  • Variables only support primitive values
  • Auto-layout usually “stretches” instead of working as intended

and many others…

Not reflective of cost

Pricing structures like these are not reflective of actual cost anyway. “3 pages” doesn’t distinguish between an essentially blank page and a page with 500 images, various fonts (which are provided by Google anyway, not Figma), and so-on. The latter page would use significantly more disk space and memory than the former - the “3 pages” rule is in no way reflective of cost. If they said “30GB free” and made it about disk space or some other metric that reflects cost, it wouldn’t feel like such a scam.

Anyone else feel like their pricing is desperate and scammy, rather than focused on delivering value?