Figma's community files

Are Figma’s community files free to use in personal/commercial projects without attribution?

For example, I’m designing a YouTube cover. I want to use take that cursor and use it in the cover design. Can I do that without attribution?

Screenshot 2022-10-29 134647

Another example; If I take a design of an app from Figma’s community files and use it in a personal/commercial project, can I do that without attribution?

So reading terms and conditions is too hard for you?

  1. Community Resources. The Figma Community may make available (under various licenses) applications and materials that are created by third parties or by Figma (collectively, “Community Resources ”). Community Resources are licensed to you directly by the creator responsible for the respective Community Resource, and subject to the terms of such license. As further described in Section 5 below, you are solely responsible for vetting the suitability of any Community Resources (and their corresponding license terms) for your intended purposes.

So it’s case by case and you need to check each resource used to the terms

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Thanks Tim! :smile: