Figma won't install

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to reinstall my Figma desktop app on my windows 11 pc for about a week now after it asked for an update but nothing is working… I’ve tried everything on the internet, even tried uninstalling the old one and tried to reinstall it afresh but it’s the same error message: “there was an error while installing the application. Check the sutup log for more information and contact the author”. Pleeeassse, I really need a fix.

Hi @Muyiwa_Toni_Kotun , Thanks for reaching out and I appreciate your troubleshooting efforts.
You might already check this, but you can check the system requirements and download link here: Guide to the Figma desktop app

I understand how important it’s for you to resolve this. I see your ticket (#903970) regarding this behavior in our backend and our support team has replied to you. Please take a look!

Also, I found a community member’s post for a similar error message. In the mean time, please feel free to check here:EASY FIX Figma app Installation has failed (Windows)


Hey Muyiwa Toni Kotun,
I’m also using window 11 please follow some steps.
Check your Window 11 is up to date.
Check if any antivirus or firewall is blocking the installation and uninstall previous Figma file from your pc and download the Figma installer from their official website after that right click the installer and choose Run as Administrator.
Thank you.

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