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In 2019, Figma released a feature that allowed users to copy the link of a history version of a design file and share it with others. However, it seems like the link is not working now? I’m only able to link to the page, but not the exact version of the file…Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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It never really worked. :smiley: It should work for editors of the file. And there is not much point in sending it to viewers, you can’t achieve a “frozen” version of the file this way.

Hi, If I understand you correctly when you link to a specific version it opens the needed page but the current version of it, not the previous one. Right? I experience the same problem.
I was inspired by Archiving pages in a file - YouTube and tried to reuse such approach but links don’t work. And as I see in the comments other people have the same problem and 4 months ago @Rogie_King replied that the Figma team is aware of this problem.
Curious to know if they’re going to fix this :thinking:

It’s not working for me, and I’m the file’s creator. No matter what version link I grab, it only opens the current version. I even tried opening the link on another computer in case it was an issue with browser or app caching, and it’s the same thing; it only opens the current version.

This issue still presists. Tested today.