Figma undesirably crops a large image, when uploading


I have been facing this issue, in which I upload a photo that is 5491x3829 pixels.
But when I upload it to Figma, it automatically crops it to 4096x2856.

Is there any restriction in Figma that doesn’t allow me to add larger photos, or can I someway avoid this cropping? I wanted to use the image with full size, manipulate it in Figma, and export back in the same dimentions.

Here is the info of the image, and later when I upload it:

Thank you!

Note: Figma downsizes images with a width or height larger than 4096 pixels. This scales the image’s original dimensions proportionally, so the longest edge is less than 4096 pixels.

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Thank you, it works! I have just one question. Is this limitation just for uploading images, or exporting as well? Will I be able to export the image with the 5491x3829 resolution, without losing quality?

The limit is only on importing large images. And you can export resources with any resolution without quality loss. To be sure, just try exporting something from Figma.

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